Can you take your fireplace with you if you move house?

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moving houseMoving house can be one of the most stressful things in life. It can also can get very expensive depending on factors such as the cost of renovating your new home right through to the distance you are planning to move and the goods you plan to take with you. Cost saving tips for house movers focus on staging necessary renovation work, recycling old furniture to fit in with your new surrounds and storage ideas.

Consumers have a great deal of confidence when buying Sofas, dining tables and rugs because these pieces of furniture are portable. You can simply take them with you to your new home, you can transport them to storage or sell them as second hand furniture to help fund a newer purchase.

Fireplaces can really make the difference in turning your new house into a home. Being the focal point of the living room it can be said to be an important piece of furniture as any. When looking to buy your new fireplace it is important to consider whether this centrepiece can be taken with you when you next move. Or, you may be thinking “can I take our old fireplace with me?”. With a Fireplace however things are not as simple or straightforward.

When shopping for your new Fireplace firstly it would be wise to consider how long you intend to live in the property you are buying the fireplace for. If you are renting the chances are you will be moving within a few short years of buying your new Fireplace. If you are buying then you may be looking to take your existing fireplace with you or desire to have a new fireplace. Whatever the case may be, here are our top tips for buying fireplaces to help relieve some of that stress when next moving home.

contacting landlord

If you are renting it may be an idea to contact your landlord to ask for permission to install the new fireplace, in particular Gas Fireplaces which will need a small amount of structural work to be undertaken on the chimney or flue.

Unlike Gas and Solid Fuel Fireplaces which need to be permanently fixed in place using a cement mix, Electric Fireplaces are usually fixed in place with a few screws. Simply undo the screws and the fireplace will prize away from your wall without any risk of damage. This way you do not have to leave your expensive purchase for the old Landlord or new Occupants. Removing an old Gas Fired or Solid Fuel fireplace which has been fixed in place can be difficult to remove. There can be no guarantee that the fireplace will remain intact when trying to carefully prize it away from the wall. Gas fired appliances are usually fitted to a non-combustible back panel and hearth. This Granite or marble is usually fixed in place with a hardened sand and cement mixture which can be difficult to break away from without causing damage.

Consider the cost of repairing any mess left behind after removing an old fireplace, A Gas Fireplace is permanently fixed and not designed to be portable, taking this away will likely leave the old bricks and mortar exposed. If you are renting this will likely need to be put right before returning the property to your Landlord.The cost of installation is much cheaper with Electric, similarly the cost of disconnection is much cheaper too. With Gas Fired Appliances you must use a qualified Gas Safe Engineer for installation, servicing and disconnection. The only time you will need a qualified Electrician for your Electric Fire is if you need a fused spur, if you can accommodate the regular 3-pin plug then you can simply Do It Yourself.

If you don’t fancy fitting your Electric Fireplace then any decent carpenter would be able to walk through a Electric Fireplace installation without an issue. You won’t necessarily need a qualified Electrician if the necessary power points are nearby.

freestanding stovesBuy a Freestanding Electric Stove, this type of Fireplaces can simply sit on a portable hearth, plug it into the nearest 3-pin power point and away you go. When you move simply unplug and take it with you. Buy a hang-on-the-wall Electric Fire. Many people are doing away with the traditional mantel and hearth style of fireplace and instead opting for a minimalist look with a fireplace sitting off the ground. The Gas fired versions can be expensive and tricky to install with brick work and plastering often required. The electric equivalents simply hang on four screws very much like your mirror/TV and are as easily removed and portable too.

Electric Fires will not be void of their guarantee if they are installed in a particular location and then moved to another. Gas Fire warranties are covered once the appliance is installed by a qualified engineer. However, once disconnected from the original location the warranty may be void. You may find it difficult to find a qualified Gas Safe Engineer willing to install a “used” gas fire. You will find most qualified plumbers will avoid fitting used gas fires because they stand the risk of inheriting any future problems which will not be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

We hope the tips above will help when looking to make your next Fireplace purchase, or has answered your questions if you are wanting to take your current fireplace with you. At we sell a wide range of Electric and Gas Fires to suit all budgets and styles. Furthermore we have over 20 years experience in the industry, you can expect genuine professional advice from our team of specialists to help guide you through the whole process from start to finish. If you decide that only a gas fire will do please stay rest assured we have a team of dedicated and qualified Gas Safe Engineers who can carry out installations, servicing and safe removal and reinstallation of your old Gas Fireplace too.

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